James Lucas

James has a goal to spread his message of recovery all around the world to help break the stigma that exists today.
James is very active in the community of Brockville through volunteering opportunities, sporting events, recovery festivals where he performs his own written content. His favourite book is the Four Agreements.

Graduated with distinction, approaching 5 years of sobriety. his values are respect, responsibility, perseverance, resiliency, open-mindedness, humility, compassion, empathy, honesty, integrity.

He specializes in process of letting go, stages of grief, autonomy, motivational interviewing, CBT, and a strength-based approached to all of his client’s. Outside of work James is the same as inside of work, dedicated to helping the next person suffering, this is not just a career choice for James this is his life all around.

He entered this field because of his own battle with addiction, people were able to love him even when he was not able to love himself, now he pays that forward to each person he meets doing the same for them until they can love themselves again.