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Holistic Addiction Treatment: Is it Effective?

Holistic addiction treatment is one of the advanced treatment options available in Canada. Recently, these holistic therapies have become increasingly more prevalent in promoting lasting sobriety and recovery. Contrary to some opinions that addiction recovery is a journey of uncertainty, several treatment options prove otherwise. A good example is holistic addiction treatment.

Generally, the holistic therapy notion presumes that a person’s consciousness is not limited to a particular area. Instead, it’s a sum total of the whole person. This includes your emotions or feelings, mind, and physical body. 

Naturally, the mind serves as the brain agent, with emotions or feelings as a connecting agent between the physical body and the central nervous system (the brain). Also, the process includes the spirit, which serves as the higher part of oneself. 

Holistic therapy aims to help you understand these connections between the spirit, body, and mind. Typically, this is attainable through several techniques. However, the main goal is to help you develop a powerful understanding of yourself at all levels. In some cases, this can help boost the individual’s self-esteem and awareness.

Generally, holistic therapy offers several benefits, and the services are efficient in aiding addiction treatment. Some of these include becoming fit physically, mentally, and emotionally while alleviating the influence of drugs or alcohol from your life.

At 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab centre, we are fully focused on helping residents in Canada and the USA get first-class addiction treatment. As a result, we have put together this comprehensive guide on holistic addiction treatment. In it, we discuss the benefits of holistic addiction treatment, why you should choose holistic addiction treatment, and what to expect from holistic addiction treatment.

What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment is a form of therapy that targets addiction recovery in a comprehensive manner. This holistic approach to healing explores the compound nature of conditions like anxiety, depression, and addiction, etc. In essence, it ss a process that incorporates different techniques that focus primarily on the body and mind.

Additionally, this treatment responds to what most individuals see as more of a reactionary approach to health and well-being. Usually, most people treat addiction signs only, rather than finding, aiming, and treating the problem source. Or addressing the confluence of different contributing factors. Holistic addiction treatment works to correct this gap.

Most individuals who feel conventional medicine is a failure now believe in holistic addiction treatment. Holistic therapy offers hope because holistic therapists can understand the complex nature of their illness, dig deeper into the sources of the issue, and focus their treatment on the whole person, not just the apparent symptoms.

For instance, someone with chronic pain might come to a holistic therapist to explore possible psychological sources of their suffering. Stress and anxiety can contribute to chronic pain, and if an emotional issue or past trauma is the source of that stress, dealing with it can alleviate chronic pain to a certain extent.

It’s essential to remember that holistic therapy doesn’t necessarily leave out Western medicine. Instead, it can mean the inclusion of complementary techniques. While medication may indeed be part of a person’s treatment, a holistic approach may include other cognitive-behavioural therapy treatments to address unresolved issues and triggers, relaxation techniques, massage, and more.

Addiction is a complex disease. Aside from being psychological, it’s also physical and can even get worse. However, this depends on factors like an individual’s emotional state, mental health, environment, etc. So, it’s essential to find the best approach and treatment method for substance abuse treatment. This will help an individual suffering from drug abuse or alcoholism.

Substance abuse and addiction are serious problems that affect millions of Canadaian adults every year. It can be challenging to know the right plan of action to take when seeking treatment. Everyone is different and handles recovery in a somewhat different manner, leaving some to battle relapse.

Typically, no treatment program is one size fits all. Addiction manifests in several ways for different individuals. Generally, every individual needs a personalized approach to attain and maintain a sober life. With that, what works for one person may not work for another. 

This is why Addictions CA offers personalized holistic addiction treatment for our patients. Essentially, we find out what works and create a special holistic addiction treatment plan for each individual.

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Types of Holistic Treatment Schemes For Treating Addiction

Holistic addiction treatment comes in different forms. Some of the most common types of therapies and treatments a holistic recovery center may offer includes:

Yoga Exercise

Yoga Exercise

Yoga is a system of meditation routines that help to orchestrate human mindfulness with the divine consciousness. Also, Yoga is an art as well as science. It is a science because it offers practical techniques for controlling the body and mind, thereby making extensive meditation possible. It is an art, for unless it is practiced spontaneously and delicately, it will yield only partial results.

Although it may seem as if Yoga is just about putting yourself in a particular position and keeping it that way for a few minutes, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Yoga is effective in controlling your mind and connecting your body and soul. Yoga does not only help with addiction but also helps in maintaining your state of mind. 

Generally, people engage in Yoga to help lift their spirit and state of mind. This is one of the significant reasons why Yoga is a good fit for holistic addiction treatment. The breathing modulations and posture practiced during Yoga will help enhance your physical strength, relaxation, and spirituality. Practicing Yoga will not only help you but keep you mentally stable during addiction recovery. It’ll go a long way in your addiction recovery journey.

Yoga has been helpful to people recovering from their alcohol dependence and even to those who have a problem with drug dependence. Meditation and Yoga are useful for those who are determined to quit smoking cigarettes as well.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Currently, mindfulness’s holistic routine is referred to as being aware of your body and the ability to be fully present. In essence, mindfulness is simply dependent on meditation. There are walking, seating, moving, or even standing methods and patterns of practicing mindfulness.

In general, meditation aims at working on the wellbeing of your mind. This pattern of treatment is one of natural curiosity without judgment. It’s also hugely effective. Meditation helps with reducing stress and enhancing your ability to manage reactive behaviours.

So, when mindfulness and meditation practices work with traditional addiction treatment — these independent care approaches often last up to eight weeks. During this procedure, your therapist will aim at helping you with certain experiences such as cravings. 

Through this distinct process, individuals who participate will learn how to consciously recognize their subconscious state of mind. They will also be able to identify healthy ways to suppress these feelings instead of reacting with anxiety, stress, or depression.

The Acupuncture Therapy

The Acupuncture Therapy

This holistic and ancient practice of treating all types of addiction is continuously growing in recent years. With proven and effective treatment procedures, acupuncture therapy merges well with holistic treatment and offers more efficiency to the cause.

Naturally, acupuncture involves the use of very tiny needles that are placed strategically in your skin at pressure points in the body. This is designed to balance the flow of energy or life force through your body’s meridian points. Western approaches also claim that acupuncture can stimulate your nerves, connective tissue, and muscles to improve health and connection between the mind and body.

In general, acupuncture is a seemingly popular method of treating physical pain. Typically, it is a good recommendable sports treatment plan alongside massage. Once you complete some specific physical examination screening, the acupuncturist will recommend a treatment plan for you.

Exercise and Fitness

Creating a healthier body helps stabilize brain chemistry and reduce the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. This includes muscle weakness, weight gain, etc. Exercising three times a week for five or six months is effective in improving an individual’s overall wellbeing. In essence, most individuals who engage in such fitness schemes often record a decrease in substance abuse or total abstinence.

Also, while exercising, your body releases a chemical substance (endorphins) into your brain. This then creates natural happy feelings within you and thus relieves any sadness that can lead to cravings. Besides, you’ll feel more powerful and healthier as you work out. 

At our facility, we engage our patients in different exercise routines to build their minds and attain calmness. So, if you’re looking for an addiction treatment center in Canada, we offer comprehensive holistic addiction treatment at affordable pricing.

Biochemical Restoration

Struggling with drugs or alcohol can cause drastic imbalances in brain chemistry. However, it can also cause an imbalance in other physiological systems, such as:

  • Blood sugar
  • Hormones
  • Nutrition
  • Amino acids
  • Adrenaline, etc

Heavy metals and other toxic substances can build up in the body too. These require time and effort to flush out while keeping glands, the digestive system, and the circulatory system healthy. Some holistic drug detox and alcohol rehab programs offer laboratory tests to determine if those in recovery treatment need nutritional support. This includes additional vitamin and mineral supplements to reverse these imbalances. 

When the body has fewer nutritional deficiencies and fewer hormonal or blood sugar imbalances, cravings may become less frequent and intense. This can help you remain in recovery and avoid relapse.

Things to Know Before Holistic Addiction Treatment

Just like other addiction treatment techniques, holistic addiction treatment comes with its own peculiarities. Here, we’ve analyzed a few things you should expect during holistic addiction recovery:

Everyone has different characteristics.

Your recovery improvements cannot be the same as everyone else who’s in recovery. Similarly, someone else’s addiction recovery process may not work for you. This is because everyone you see has different traits and handles circumstances differently. The way your treatment improved according to a custom structured program mainly may be different from that of others.

However, your recovery pace will be pretty much reliant on how much work you put into it. Also, it depends on your physical condition, your psychological and emotional state of mind, your support network’s strength, whether or not you’re gainfully employed, your living conditions, and other factors.

You may meet someone recovering from a little stint of alcohol abuse and occasional smoking with no extreme issues. Whereas another may be a constant, long-term alcoholic who suffers from liver problems or other problems relating to alcoholism.

Indeed, you’re likely to come across individuals who have been going through the recovery process after treatment for similar mental health disorders and substance abuse. The bottom line is each person’s recovery will be unique.

Depression is common

Several people experience depression or the feelings of it during addiction treatment. Generally, this is considered to occur during the early stages of recovery. If allowed to get worse, it will interfere with your recovery process and your ability to partake in the treatment. 

Be Patient, Avoid Being Complacent

During recovery, complacency can be dangerous. It’s no news that addiction recovery is a long-term journey. So, it’s normal for addiction patients to become complacent over a long period. Especially when you’re going through the same routine daily, and it seems like there’s no improvement.

Know that holistic addiction treatment is not just useful but powerful. It takes consistency and time to heal up every damage you’ve caused to your body through addiction. Therefore, it’s better to be motivated and committed to your treatment plan to see the result manifest.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment: Is It Effective?

Holistic addiction treatment is hugely effective. Holistic therapies such as music, wilderness therapies, and art can offer several benefits for addiction recovery. This is even more effective when it flows alongside conventional substance abuse treatments. 

At Addiction Rehab centre, we provide a practical, integrated approach to substance abuse treatment that includes holistic and traditional treatment modalities. Here’s how holistic treatment is effective:

Holistic Treatment Offers a Complete-Body Approach

Holistic rehab programs follow the belief that treating the mind, body, and spirit is essential. This is the fundamental aspect of the therapy, and it can help you attain lasting recovery from addiction.

This type of treatment method allows you to explore the different ways substance abuse has affected your body. It starts from the physical strain on your body and its effect on yourself and the world around you. Holistic treatment will challenge you to look within yourself for, motivation, and the will necessary for long-term sobriety.

Holistic Treatment is Helpful for Stress Relief

Holistic treatments are beneficial in offering an effective yet natural way to relieve stress. Typically, this is useful in preventing addiction relapse and its side effects. Ultimately, stress is a regular trigger for people suffering from substance abuse. This is why finding an effective way to relieve stress is essential to preventing relapse and maintaining sobriety.

It Helps Introduce Individuals to Low-Cost Coping Activities and Skills

For people with substance abuse problems, one of the most common difficulties in therapy is the cost of addiction treatment in Canada. Although addiction treatment centers can become costly without insurance, several holistic treatments can help attain sobriety with less cost. 

With holistic addiction treatment, you tend to spend less as time goes on. This is because the more you commit yourself to the routine, the more it becomes part of you. As such, you can easily cut out outdoor exercise or fitness costs and practice your fitness routine indoors daily. This includes activities and skills like Yoga, using mindfulness skills, and engaging in healthy eating habits and holistic health exercises.

Makes You Become More Aware of Your Immediate Needs

Another benefit of holistic addiction treatment is that it helps you become aware of your own needs and feelings and the need to express them. For instance, here at 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre, our therapy sessions regularly allow members to discern how they feel during each session and talk about it.

Although many people find it difficult to know how they feel while interacting, they get better with time. Usually, it can be challenging to be self-connected when connecting with others. Nevertheless, continuous communication will help boost your connection with people and your environment.

It Helps You Become More Stimulated to Change.

Many people have been to therapy sessions ready to make a change with no approach or method. Sometimes, they find it challenging to figure out exactly how to get themselves to quit for good. 

In a holistic therapy setting, this isn’t something to worry about. You’ll be able to connect to your inner mind, soul, and spirit and understand how to control your reactions. Engaging in this therapy will help you overcome your fears and worries while becoming a new person. That way, you’ll become more motivated as you passionately work toward your goals.

Reduces The Risk of Relapse And Offers Long-Term Benefits

Reduces The Risk of Relapse And Offers Long-Term Benefits

Holistic therapies such as meditation and mindfulness practice have proven to provide a lasting benefit. This works for several problems common with people struggling with substance use disorders.

Other long-term advantages of typical holistic addiction treatments include:

  • It promotes healthy eating habits
  • It improves your ability to sleep
  • It helps establish a healthy fitness plan.
  • It is an outlet for stress relief.
  • It lessens substance cravings.


Ultimately, holistic addiction treatment is a beneficial technique for recovering from addiction. You can trust this treatment during the early phases of drug addiction treatment with a view to attaining sobriety in the long run. Also, engaging in continuous treatment while working with a professional therapist can help you move towards sobriety and boost your recovery chances.

We hope this article was able to explain in depth the benefits of holistic addiction therapy and why you should choose the treatment.  However, if you still have questions like, is holistic addiction treatment service effective? What are the benefits of holistic therapy, and how does it work? You can reach out to us for addiction treatment services in Canada. Contact 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre for addiction treatment programs.

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