Aileen Schwartz

For over six years, Aileen has been a full-time intake counsellor, dedicated to ensuring every client who calls receives an attentive and compassionate experience as they make the life changing decision to go to a recovery center. Whether in crisis or calling about a loved one in need, her goal is to make sure everyone is heard and helped. A graduate of McGill University in Communications & Cultural Studies, a background in direct interviewing, mediation, and crisis management, she brings a unique perspective to the intake process, at ease with people from every walk of life. Constantly learning, patient and straight-forward, she is devoted to her family, friends, career, and community. Aileen lives her life with passion and presence, curious and active, mindfulness a daily goal. She values and feels fulfilled by being part of a team that takes great care to ensure each person gets individualized attention for their needs.

“When someone calls us, either hurting or hurting for someone they love, I know what it means at a deep level. Everyone deserves the right to be more than just their struggle with addiction. Our clients are complex people who are suffering and need help to get back on a healthy path. I support them through the first critical step of the journey of their own recovery. That first call is often a very brave act that comes from a place of pain. I take the responsibility very seriously of the trust the clients and their families place in us. I know with certainty that when I send them to our center, they will be very well taken care of with our team’s skilled assistance. Everyone deserves a chance to heal and develop in a place that treats them with respect and compassion, mindful of their unique stories and pasts.”

‘When we flee our vulnerability, we lose our full capacity for feeling emotion’ Dr. Gabor Mate.