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How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment Service

The need for addiction treatment is a situation that can put a lot of strain on families. However, there is a small ray of sunshine in the clouds. It’s the fact that there are thousands of addiction treatment services that you can access for expert help. These treatment services offer a wide range of options for patients all across Canada to choose from. Due to the diversity, the knowledge of how to choose an addiction rehab is important.

The addiction treatment service that works for you will not work for another person. Additionally, treatment techniques differ from facility to facility. Furthermore, the eventual choice you make can determine your sobriety. In fact, it will determine the quality of life you enjoy after your time in rehab. Therefore, how to choose an addiction treatment service near you is a question that every recovering addict should answer.

With the right addiction treatment services, the possibility of a successful program increases drastically. Here at 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre, we want everybody wondering how to choose the best addiction treatment service to make great decisions. In this blog, we will discuss finding an addiction treatment centre near you, the questions that need to be asked before making a decision and more.

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Service: Decide On Your Goals for Rehab

Decide On Your Goals for Rehab

The simple truth is that different addiction treatment centres offer varying specialties. Furthermore, treatment centres offering the same specialities use different techniques to get the best results. As a result, defining what you want from an addiction treatment centre will help you know what to look out for in one.

How do you know your addiction treatment goals? These steps provide a perfect guide:

  • Know the substance or addictive behaviours you want to stop
  • Via a visit to the doctor, find out if your addiction comes with any underlying medical conditions.
  • Decide on the parameters for success. Do you want a 6-month sobriety stretch or you’re thinking long term?

The combination of the answers to these questions will help you refine the search for an addiction treatment facility. 

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Speak To An Addiction Treatment Professional

Now that you know what your addiction treatment goals are, you can move forward with your search (with a renewed purpose). With a simple Google search, it is possible to find an addiction treatment centre near you. 

There’s no need to visit the facilities. Instead, start the process of elimination by calling and asking questions. In turn, the addiction treatment service rep will be able to provide recommendations and answers for you. For example, here at Addictions CA, when you contact us, a friendly professional is always on hand to answer a lot of queries.

There are a lot of addiction treatment centres in Toronto. Not to worry though, there are questions that you can ask to determine if an addiction service is the best fit for you. Some of these questions include:

  • What is the end goal of the treatment program? 
  • Do you have any licensing or certification?
  • Is there a waiting list for your services?
  • Do you offer out-patient or in-patient treatment?
  • Can I contact family and friends during the addiction treatment program?
  • What is the cost of available addiction treatment services? Is insurance acceptable?
  • Are medical services available for detoxification and possible withdrawal symptoms?
  • Are there any extra activities that I have to take part in e.g group therapy and 12-step sessions?
  • Is there a discharge plan? How do you prepare recovering addicts for the world out there?

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Service: Are There any Factors to Consider?

The answer to how to choose an addiction treatment centre lies in how these factors interact with each other. 

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient rehab is a form of rehab where the recovering addict stays at specially prepared facilities for the duration of the treatment. On the other hand, with outpatient treatment, the recovering addict comes for treatment from home.

There are advantages as well as disadvantages to both treatment forms. Mostly, due to the increased control, inpatient treatment comes with a higher success rate. However, it’s expensive and can cause a disruption to the daily lifestyle of the patient.  On the other hand, as an addiction treatment service, outpatient therapy costs less. Also, it’s great for those who don’t want to disrupt their daily lives e.g busy professionals. 

The specialty of the treatment facility

Getting treated for an amphetamine addiction at a facility that specializes in meth addiction treatment may be counterproductive. Therefore, it is vital that the exact specialities of the addiction treatment center you choose align with your needs.

Treatment models

Due to the support and positive results that come with peer group influence, some addiction treatment services in Toronto choose to work using group therapy models. However, if you are not comfortable speaking about certain topics in a group setting, your treatment may not be effective. 

Therefore, make sure to contact and ask about the peculiarities of getting treatment at a particular facility. That’s how to choose the best addiction treatment centre for you!

The amenities available

This is one of the major factors to look out for when choosing an addiction treatment centre near you. If you are going for an in-patient treatment, this factor becomes doubly important.

We are not saying you should be on the hunt for rehabs that provide five-star service. Although if that’s how you’ll feel comfortable, there are services that offer this convenience. However, your main point of concern should be comfort and functionality. Before you choose an addiction treatment service, be sure they offer amenities and facilities you’ll be comfortable in.


As far as how to choose an addiction treatment centre goes, it’s all up to you. This logic also applies to the location factor. If you have family and friends that you need to be in contact with, the best choice may be to find an addiction treatment centre near you. This way, you can easily see and talk to the ones you love. 

However, sometimes, the best course of action may be to go as far away from home as possible. With the distance, it’s easier to break the connections to toxic relationship and lifestyle patterns. In essence, when wondering how to choose an addiction treatment service, factor in the location!

Program length 

Most programs stay in progress for up to 30, 60 and 90 days. However, sometimes, 30 days may not be enough to break an intense addiction. Conversely, longer program lengths may not be adaptable for people with job, family or financial commitments. It all depends on your unique needs. 

Choose the Best Rehab For You 

It may look like choosing an addiction treatment centre near you is a tough job. However, it is far easier than it looks. Additionally, the tips provided above will help ensure that there are selection issues.

For an easier route, Contact 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre for addiction treatment programs.


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