Marijuana Addiction

How Much Does a Marijuana Addiction Rehab Cost in Canada?

What is the cost of Marijuana Rehab?

The cost of marijuana addiction rehab will always be negligible when compared to the expenses associated with marijuana addiction. From financial issues to loss of work focus and problems with the law, marijuana addiction can be hard on your wallet.

There are varying factors that influence how much marijuana rehab will cost you. The basic premise of these factors is your needs and wants. There are different addiction treatment offerings for persons of different income levels. Hence, you don’t need to worry about not finding a facility that will take you in.

The very first step towards addiction recovery is acknowledging your condition. You also need to be willing to get treatment. Then, you can start looking for a marijuana rehab service near you. Here, the cost of marijuana addiction rehab will help you prune through options.

In this guide, you will find everything to know about the cost of marijuana addiction treatment.

The Cost of Marijuana Addiction Treatment by the Numbers

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marijuana addiction treatment. The cost of marijuana addiction rehab depends on the exact type and element of treatment you are receiving. However, there is a basic template of marijuana rehab expenses you may incur in the course of recovery.

Detoxification cost

This is the first step in addiction recovery treatment. This stage of treatment for outpatient costs between $1000 and $1500. There is no separate cost for inpatients, as it is included in the cost of being admitted into the facility.

Detoxification is a sensitive process, one that needs proper monitoring. Hence, the high price.

Inpatient rehab cost

Most times, the cost of marijuana addiction rehab for inpatient is about $6000 for a 30-day treatment period. Luxury centers may cost you as high as $20000. The duration of your stay also has a direct influence on the price of marijuana rehab.

Outpatient rehab cost

These treatments are always cheaper than inpatient treatments. For three months, the cost is about $5000. Though some luxury outpatient facilities are in the range of $10000.

Medication cost

Medications are an important aspect of marijuana addiction treatment and may cost you thousands of dollars per year. For a whole year, your medications can cost around $2000.

Factors that influence Marijuana treatment cost

Several factors influence marijuana addiction treatment in Canada. The most common of these include;

Type of treatment programs

You can’t determine this for yourself. The type of treatment you go for determines how much cost you’ll incur. Inpatient treatments are always costlier than outpatient treatments. Remember, the cost of housing, feeding, and care are included in the final bill.

The treatment center cost

The treatment center you consult with also determines how much you’ll incur in the course of treatment. Luxury inpatient centers cost more than those with average facilities. Hence, you should know exactly what you can afford and go for it.

Location influences cost

The location of the treatment center also influences how much it’ll cost you. Marijuana rehab centers in the city generally cost more than those in less urban areas. Make your adequate research to know what you can afford.

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Marijuana rehab is affordable

The cost of marijuana rehab programs can seem somewhat high. However, there are several ways you can finance the treatment. You can rely on nonprofit and state-funded rehabs to get your treatment. If you have health insurance, it will also suffice in lifting a considerable part of the burden off your shoulder.

Before bothering about the cost of therapy for marijuana rehab, ensure you do your due diligence. Researching far and wide will help you know the best program and facility for you. The costliest facility isn’t necessarily the best. The best facility is one that meets your needs adequately.

The cost of Marijuana addiction

If you’ve never taken account of what your marijuana addiction costs you, you’ll think the cost of marijuana addiction rehab is overkill. If, however, you take some time to calculate all the money you spend on the addiction, per year, you’ll stop. And one hard truth is that getting stoned on marijuana costs you more than money.

Treatment stages affect the cost of Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana is one of those addictions that take a long time to develop. However, once it does, breaking the habit can require you to cover a large bill for marijuana addiction rehab.

You should know that the first step towards treating the problem is to acknowledge its existence. Without this acknowledgment, you’ll never be ready to incur the cost of marijuana addiction rehab.

There are different treatment paths for different persons. However, they all start with a particular procedure.

Consultation with the specialist

This is the very first thing you need to do once you’ve come to accept your addiction. It’s the next right move after admitting your addiction. You shouldn’t go around taking medications that were prescribed to your friend or whatnot. Every person differs from the other.

Hence, you need to reach out to a specialist for a proper full diagnosis. The outcome of this consultation will determine what treatment options you’ll be prescribed during the withdrawal and detox stage of addiction rehab.

Individualities like this can affect the cost of marijuana rehab. There’s also the fact that in many addiction treatment centres, you’ll have to pay for a consultation session with a specialist.


The cost of this medication as well as how long detox takes can affect how much you’ll pay for marijuana rehab. The silver lining is that in many cases, this stage only takes a few days.


As mentioned earlier, medication is peculiar to the individual. You shouldn’t take medication for marijuana withdrawal just because a friend of yours takes the same for his addiction.

The first reason is that you have different issues. Also, you may have an underlying condition that can cause complications.

Therapy and Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most important form of therapy for addicts. There are different forms of therapy, which can either be personal or in a group.

Treatment for marijuana addicts can either be as an inpatient or an outpatient. The treatment option you go for depends on what the specialist feels is necessary.

However, there is a general rule of thumb. People with mild addiction can be placed on the outpatient treatment procedure. For those with chronic addictions, it’s best to get inpatient treatment.

Each of these treatment options has its pros and cons, while also influencing the pricing for marijuana addiction rehab differently.

Inpatient treatment

This is the form of treatment where you, as a patient, get to stay in the marijuana rehab facility through the length of your recovery. This is an intensive system of rehabilitation and usually lasts between 30 and 90 days.

This form of treatment is more expensive than the outpatient form of marijuana treatment. And within the inpatient treatment system, there is also a price variation depending on what amenities are available with your chosen rehab center.

Inpatient treatment facilities are always very controlled. They do away with any form of trigger or cue that may cause you to return to your marijuana habit. In these facilities, you also have on-demand access to healthcare professionals who will always be there to help you go through the most difficult moments of withdrawal.

This system of treatment also makes it easy to be amongst groups of recovery patients just like you. However, this treatment mode takes you away from everyday life, and to get back after your treatment, you’ll need further help from sober homes.

Sober homes are like the interface between inpatient rehab centers and the real world. They help you get acquainted with the real world again — as slowly as possible.

In these facilities, you’ll go around your daily business, while living in a very controlled rented environment. You’ll stay here till you are ready to integrate back into society with the ability to stay clean.

Outpatient treatment

The cost of marijuana addiction rehab in this case is always lower than inpatient programs. In this system of treatment, you’ll still live in your home and go about your daily work. However, you’ll need to make and attend weekly sessions with the specialist. How many times your consultation will be per week is totally up to the discretion of your specialist.

This is best for mild addictions, as chronic addictions are impossible to treat this way. With a long-term marijuana habit, there is always the tendency of you being exposed to triggers even when you have started therapy.

Your daily routine is maintained, and you go through therapy that’ll help you cope and stay clean. To enjoy a successful outpatient therapy treatment, you may need to dedicate about 10 to 12 hours per week.

Marijuana Addiction in Canada

Canada has the highest rate of cannabis in teens. In a report by DrugFreeKidsCanada, about 23% of the teens, aged 15, across the world, who use cannabis are from Canada. For the girls, the number is at 21%. This is worrisome.

One of the most common causes of marijuana use is peer pressure. The influence of friends as youths enter into high school or college results in this. When you walk for so long with a person who uses the substance, it’s only a matter of time before a moment of vulnerability gets you hooked.

The belief that the substance is harmless is right there on top of the chart of marijuana addiction causes. For most users, there is a belief that they can always stop whenever they want to. This is a form of self-deception, and it makes the cost of marijuana addiction treatment rise if you finally decide to get help.

Marijuana Addiction

The stress factor

In a world full of stress, many people leverage marijuana as an escape. This is arguably the most common cause of marijuana addiction. This is because the stress doesn’t end, hence, the continued use of the substance.

Teens use the substance to douse the troubles of stress, anorexia, lack of concentration, depression, amongst other triggers.

Once the act of using marijuana becomes cued by any of the above issues, the brain grows dependent on the substance as it continually seeks solace. Unlike opioids, it’s possible to not get addicted even after extended use. It’s possible to smoke marijuana and not get addicted. However, beyond the issue of addiction, health complications can accumulate. Hence, it’s best advised to not use the substance.

Since it’s possible to use marijuana and not be addicted, it makes it difficult to tell when you are addicted. And without being able to acknowledge your addiction, getting help is far-fetched. Hence, if you are not sure if you suffer from marijuana addiction, there are some signs you should look out for.

Signs of Marijuana addiction

Marijuana addiction can occur at different rates for people. While someone may get addicted after one month of use, it may be longer for others. Here are some tells that you are addicted to marijuana.

  • You lose interest in the activities you used to love
  • You are having issues with your relationships; lover, friends, family, and colleagues. You begin to put less effort into these relationships
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop slightly.
  • You can now use more than you started with, without blanking out
  • You can’t bring yourself to stop

Remember that you don’t have to exhibit all of these tells before you know you are addicted. Once you are addicted, it becomes almost impossible for you to stop yourself. It is at this point you have to muster the determination to get help.

Start by informing your friends and family, and booking a consultation at a marijuana addiction rehab centre.

There are different types of treatment you can get. However, all these treatments start with the process of detoxification. At the stage of detoxification, you’ll experience the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood swings
  • You get irritated easily
  • You lose sleep
  • You have frequent headaches
  • You begin to lose focus frequently
  • You experience a somewhat uncontrollable craving for marijuana
  • You experience breakouts of cold sweats
  •  Unusual chills
  • There is an increase in depression potential

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