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The Cost of Alcohol Rehab Programs in Canada

The cost of alcohol rehab is a commonly asked question these days. The reason is simple. There is an increasingly growing volume of heavy alcohol drinkers in Canada. According to Statista, about 19.1 percent of consumers above 12 years are “heavy drinkers”. This is tantamount to addiction.

While there is a treasure trove of information online, including this, you can’t get better without action. Just consuming information is not enough to get you off alcohol addiction. If you’ll get better; if this article will fulfill its purpose, your taking action is the required premise.

It’s not enough to know everything about alcohol addiction without taking action. Hence, as you go through this article that adequately details the cost of alcohol rehab programs, you should have your mindset to take action immediately.

What Does an Alcohol Rehab Program Entail?

The cost of alcohol rehab varies from one facility to the other. This is due to several factors the later part of this article will explore. However, the concept of alcohol rehabilitation remains the same – to help alcohol addicts go back to leading a normal life. This sounds easier than done.

Addiction can be powerful. It happens at a level that seems to override the will of the individual in question. This is simply due to the dependence of the brain on alcohol to derive satisfaction and happiness that results from dopamine release.

It’s a vicious cycle from “just one sip” to getting addicted, trying to withdraw, then back to relapse. If you are trying to undergo withdrawal by yourself, this is most likely the reality. Hence, it’s better to subject yourself to an alcohol rehab program. The reason for this is simple — you will be in the care of a professional, in a controlled environment, with easy access to treatment.

Alcohol rehab programs are designed to help stop dependence on the use of alcohol. Alcohol addicts, like other addicts, always feel like they can’t do without the substance. This is not true.

Generally, addicts, of whatever substance, don’t always acknowledge their condition. They’ll claim that they aren’t addicted to the substance, and they can stop whenever they feel like it. For the most part, this is untrue. They find themselves unable to stop.

And for those that finally acknowledge their condition, there is a characteristic sombreness that follows. Even while the addicts experience this sadness, they still find it near impossible to stop craving the substance.

This is where alcohol rehab programs come in. All of these institutions have a basic activity template, irrespective of the pricing for alcohol rehab programs they put forward.

The very first process is to check you in. you go through an interview, which helps the experts assess your case A consultation with the doctor in-charge will do this. It will also help the facility customize your alcohol addiction treatment journey. This when the duration of your stay will also be put into consideration. Typically, the alcohol addiction program should take between 30 to 90 days.

Though, for the most part, addiction recovery is always a life-long journey of sobriety. But when you put in the work, you can get the help you need on time and start the journey back to normalcy.

Alcohol Detoxification

Upon completion of the check-in consultation, you’ll go through detoxification. Detox is the process whereby your body is rid of the alcohol substance.

The substances accumulate in the body after long use, which builds dependence. The purpose of this detoxification is to make withdrawal smoother and less painful. According to WebMD, this period always comes with symptoms like anxiety, headache, vomiting, shaky hands, nausea, sweating, and insomnia).

There is no fixed experience attributed to detoxification. This difference in experience varies greatly with the intensity of alcohol abuse. As such, you shouldn’t try to achieve detox yourself.

Even if you know the prescription of your friend with alcohol addiction, you shouldn’t self-medicate. Detox is best-done by a professional, in a controlled environment.

After detoxification, therapy follows. There are different therapies that specialists administer to different persons. People have peculiarities. Hence, you shouldn’t compare your treatment to another person.

Also, a specialist may decide to change your therapy based on the real-time realities of your condition. While this influences the cost of alcohol rehab, it’s totally necessary. If you aren’t responding well to a particular therapy, the specialist can decide to make changes.

life or addiction

The need for support during alcohol rehab

Like every form of therapy, support is very important. You have to open up about your condition to your family and friends. Without them, it may be difficult to scale through the process.

During recovery treatment, you can either be an outpatient or an inpatient. If you are an outpatient (a patient who isn’t admitted into the facility), you need support from family and friends to prevent a relapse.

As an inpatient (a patient admitted into the facility), you’ll need support from family and friends. During the period of your stay in the facility, you’ll probably not be working. To clear bills and ensure your mental wellbeing, you’ll need the support of family and friends. Although as an inpatient, you’ll also enjoy support from the staff of the facility.

Hence, once you have decided to get treatment, you must be ready to rely on others. You must prepare your mind to effectively communicate with others.

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The Types of Alcohol Rehab Program and How it Affects Cost

There are different alcohol rehab facilities out there. These institutions leverage different types of treatment — a fact responsible for the differences in the cost of alcohol rehab.

Traditional Addiction Treatment

This type of treatment for alcohol addiction has been in practice for about eighty years — since the 1940s. It’s an effective program that has seen thousands of people recover since its existence. You can either be an inpatient or an outpatient in this program.

In this program, you get a mentor who will monitor your journey back to normalcy. There are bound to be highs and low; moments you will enjoy or get frustrated at the program.

But, you have to console yourself with the fact that you aren’t the only one with alcohol addiction. There is no better good you can do for yourself at the moment than recovery.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

This is a thorough treatment process that doesn’t hold back on whatever process is needed to get you completely whole. The strategies of holistic addiction treatment tackle both your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental issues relating to addiction.

There are several of these therapies. They may seem minor, but when you diligently follow through, you are on the path to recovery. These include; cinema therapy, shopping therapy, art therapy and cooking therapy. These different activity therapies have the aim of taking your mind and subconscious off the craving for alcohol.

You don’t have to go through all the therapies. You simply need to choose the one that works for you. Based on the therapy you choose, how much to pay for alcohol rehab programs varies.

The 12 step Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

While there are different types of luxurious and affordable alcohol rehab programs out there, the principles are the same. The approaches may be different, but they are looking to achieve the same result.

These different treatment options are necessary to prevent increasing cases of health hazards that result from alcohol. With 1.3 million Canadians estimated to be suffering from alcohol addiction, doubling down on treatment is the right to do. If you are looking to exclude yourself from the statistics of addicts, you need to know these steps by heart.

  • You should admit that you are powerless against addiction. Only when you stop lying to yourself that you can stop whenever you want, can you start to recover.
  • You should take a personal inventory
  • You should not be shy in admitting your wrongdoings to the authority, yourself, and loved ones
  • You should be willing to go through corrections by the authority
  • You should earnestly seek the help of the authority in removing the shortcomings
  • Knowing your wrongdoings to others, and being willing to make a change
  • Contacting those your addiction may have negatively affected and apologizing
  • Ensuring a continuous personal inventory
  • Earnestly pursuing enlightenment and connection to the authority
  • Being ready to help other in similar situation realize the 12 steps.

What is the Cost of Alcohol Rehab?

Many people always ask if the cost of alcohol rehab is worth it. We think that’s a question that shouldn’t be asked. Not only does alcohol addiction pose terrible health risks, but it also leaves the victims a shadow of themselves.

If you don’t take care, it can affect other areas of your life drastically. This is why “how much is alcohol rehab” is the right question to ask.

It is hard to give a hard figure to the cost of alcohol rehab. This is due to the several factors that come to play in the process. However, on a general basis, below is a breakdown to expect.

  • For a 30 days drug detox; you’ll spend between $250 and $800 per day. This range considers the various influencing factors that we talk about in the next section.
  • For 3 months of outpatient care, the cost of alcohol rehab spans between $1400 and $10,000.
  • A 30 days intensive outpatient program costs anywhere between $3000 and $10000.
  •  For the resident, inpatient, programs, the cost of alcohol rehab can rise to between $5000 and $80,000.

You should note that these price ranges aren’t set in stone. It is still possible that you may find more affordable treatments. These are standard pricing for alcohol rehab programs that takes into account the provision of basic amenities.

You can also always get recommendations from family members, friends, or colleagues who got similar treatment. This will help you narrow your search for standard alcohol rehab facilities.

Hand holding a paper sheet with no alcohol sign over a crowded street background. Stop to drink symbol prohibited icon. Refuse to be dependent.

Factors that determine the Cost of Alcohol Rehab in Canada

Several factors influence the cost of alcohol rehab in Canada. The shifts may not be exceptionally significant, but these price variations add up. If you are looking to get an affordable alcohol rehab program, you need to consider the following.

The Type of Program

As we explain earlier in this article, there are different types of alcohol recovery treatment. The difference in treatment process requirements and needs influence the cost. Hence, you need to be aware of the type of program that fits your budget.

Furthermore, different treatment programs come with differing benefits. Hence, you need to be clear on what you are getting from the facility. You shouldn’t jump at a facility because you know someone there. Carry out due diligence to know if their alcohol rehab programs will suit you.

How long the treatment will be

This is another important factor to consider. Above, the template of pricing we provided is mostly for 30-day programs. Frequently, there may be a need for treatment extension, which attracts extra cost.

The duration of the treatment, however, tracks back to how responsive you are to treatment. Since you have no control over how well you respond, it’s left to the specialist to place you on the right treatment from the get-go.

Addiction treatment is a lifelong commitment, which requires you to spend money, no matter how small it is. For instance, if you are leveraging cooking therapy to fight your alcohol cravings, you’ll need to spend money on food ingredients. The longer the therapy takes, the more money you get to spend.


The location also plays a great difference. Generally, hospitals and facilities situated in the countryside will cost way less than those in the cities. Hence, you should check for the best locations.

Also, you don’t want to choose a location that’s too far from you. Whether you’re going in for inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab, a distant location means you’ll be spending more time and energy. Because you’ll be visiting the specialist frequently, you’ll need somewhere close to home.


This is one of the major differences between rehab centers, even if they offer the same process for alcohol addiction recovery. The better the amenities available at the treatment facility, the more the cost you will incur.

For instance, some facilities have sports arenas, cinemas and gyms. These are facilities that can give patients an enjoyable experience. However, all these culminate in an increased cost of using the alcohol rehab center.


Alcohol addiction is a health issue. Hence, insurance is an important factor to consider. While the government enacts several policies to help citizens, it won’t take on the whole cost of treatment. Though, UVIC reports that Canada isn’t doing enough as regards alcohol rehab policies, unlike America.

For this reason, individuals shouldn’t rely so much on government policies to subsidize alcohol addiction treatment. This is where personal insurance comes to play.

You can also insure your health, which will provide you with full or partial financial support during treatment. For instance, some insurance companies may cover 3- days of treatment, while others may cover more.

The insurance you have can also influence the treatment quality and type you receive. It determines what you get as the client. Do your due diligence to know everything about your insurance company as regards rehab. If you won’t be getting any insurance coverage, you’ll be spending more money on alcohol rehab.

 Inpatient or Outpatient

These are also important influences to note. If you will be living in the facility, it will cost you more. For chronic alcoholics, inpatient treatments are the best. This is to monitor withdrawal (which will have intensive symptoms), triggers and provide more effective therapy.

Outpatient treatment, generally, costs less, but it is less effective. For chronic consumers, continuing to live in an uncontrolled environment results in frequent relapses. This in turn will add to the cost of alcohol rehab.


Different patients require different drugs and medications during alcohol rehab. Hence, depending on your peculiarity, the cost of your drugs may be different from that of others. Also, the more chronic your addiction is, the more medication you’ll probably need.

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Final Take

The cost of alcohol rehab differs from place to place and from specialist to specialist. However, whatever the pricing may be, it’s all worth it in the long run. Alcohol addiction can be terrible. The negative effects can spiral if they are not brought under control soon.

Not only does it leave you feeling terrible about yourself. But alcohol addiction can also make you pick up terrible habits like stealing to afford another bottle. Alcohol addiction can also cause work-related issues for victims.

When these problems pile up, it makes the addiction more difficult to curb. This can lead to co-occurring conditions like depression. At this stage, the tendency of the vicious cycle – of alcoholism and depression – stopping is near zero. Though treatment will also remain possible, it becomes three times harder.

This is why you need to leverage alcohol rehab programs in the Greater Toronto Area. Here at 1000 Islands Rehab Centre, you will have access to facilities and experts that are ready to help and get you back in shape. Whatever the cost you have to incur, it’s all going to be worth it in the long run. Get help now!

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