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Traveling for Addiction Treatment Improves Long-Term Recovery

When an individual has made the decision to visit a rehabilitation centre for their addiction, a few questions might come to mind first including, “Where should I go?”, “Should I stay near home?” and “Would I benefit from going away?”

Oftentimes users will assume that it makes the most sense to get help in their own town. The travel time is shorter; they can still see their friends/family and they won’t have to miss school or work. However, convenience or fear isn’t always the best solution for someone fighting a drug dependency.

In fact, traveling away from home might be exactly what a user needs. If you or someone you know is deciding on a treatment center for their drug abuse, the following are some of the benefits of traveling for addiction treatment.

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Specialized Treatment

Not every treatment center is capable of offering all of the same tools and programs, which means some centers aren’t able to provide the specific solutions a user needs. In these cases, users will only be getting part of the treatment that would be best for them.

A drug addict who considers all of their options- including those that are far away- will be much more likely to find a center that provides exactly what they need to quit.

Away from Temptation

 It is a lot easier to fall back into old habits when you’re in a familiar place. Users who stay close to home will often be exposed to the same triggers that made them start using in the first place, including specific places, situations and groups of people.

Traveling somewhere new can expose users to the feeling of a fresh start, in a place where they’ve never been and with people they’ve never met. The experience can inspire them to stay on the right track, since this new location is a constant reminder of the decision they’ve made and how far they’ve come.


Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of people knowing about their addiction troubles. One of the benefits of traveling for addiction treatment, is that users can travel out of their town where everyone knows everything about everyone.

Instead of a user worrying about what everyone is thinking and adding to their stress, traveling away from home can help them to focus on the task at hand in a comfortable environment.

New Relationships

The opportunities for meeting new people in a new place are endless, and users will have no trouble finding people who share the same kinds of interests, personalities and future goals.

These kinds of relationships are critical for users once they’ve left treatment. Users can stay in contact with new friends online, or agree to meet a couple times a year to update each other on their progress. Users who are now drug-free might also be able to help one another to get past potential relapses, and to remind each other of everything they’ve overcome.

The benefits of traveling for addiction treatment are plenty, but there are also benefits to staying close to home. The individual admitting themselves will ultimately make the decision that suits them best, but it can be helpful to list out the pros and cons of each before choosing.

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