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What is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

Most people need no introduction to addiction treatment programs such as inpatient and outpatient rehabs. However, gender-specific addiction treatment may come as news to a lot of people. Studies have shown that specialized addiction recovery for specific genders may sometimes be more productive.

You see, although both men and women can get addicted to substances, they don’t experience addiction equally. The drugs do not even affect them the same way in the first place. This is because of several genetic differences between both sexes. For instance, compared to a man, a woman is likely to be more affected by the same amount of alcohol.

Men and women each respond to substance use in unique ways. Therefore, it is safe to say that they will experience varying obstacles during addiction treatment and recovery. This is where gender-specific addiction treatment comes into play. This way, addiction treatment experts can focus on the peculiar perspectives and needs of either the man or woman.

More often than not, gender-specific addiction treatment results in more effective recovery. It not only eliminates possible distractions, but it also encourages more generalized treatment sessions. These are only a few of the benefits of gender-specific addiction treatment.

In this article, we will tell all you need to know about gender-specific addiction treatment and its advantages. Keep reading to gain some insight into why gender-specific addiction treatment works.

What is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

Gender-specific addiction treatment refers to substance abuse programs with specific plans to treat men and women separately. This is possible due to the biological, genetic, and cultural differences between both genders in terms of substance use. 

Gender-specific treatment aims to use these differences to design the most-beneficial programs for both men and women.

In most cases, gender differences impact drug choice, dependence rates, and the effects of the substance. These vital differences play a significant role in the direction that your addiction recovery will go. 

It can even affect the chances of possible relapse after treatment as men and women have unique triggers. Gender-specific addiction treatment caters to these differences and meets the needs of both genders in a safe environment.

Like regular rehab facilities, gender-specific addiction treatment is also evidence-based. The only difference is that gender-specific centres offer drug and alcohol treatment separately for each gender. 

Also, there are several ways that both genders may benefit from this approach to addiction recovery. Over the next few paragraphs, we will examine these benefits. Let us show you why gender-specific addiction treatment works.

Why Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Works

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

There is ample evidence to show that drug and alcohol abuse affects each gender differently. This implies that addiction treatment and recovery may be somewhat different for men and women. 

So, while co-ed rehab may work for some, others may require gender-specific addiction treatment to get better. The reason this form of addiction treatment is so effective is that:

  • It accounts for the differences in the reasons for substance use and eventual addiction.
  • It addresses the gaps in dependency and how much the substance has affected the brain.
  • Women usually have higher rates of dependency than men. Substances also have a more significant effect on women than on men.
  • It factors in the cultural challenges and stereotypes that are unique to either the man or the woman.
  • It addresses the psychological, physiological, and emotional differences between both genders and how they relate to their addiction.

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Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Now that you know the various reasons that make gender-specific addiction treatment so effective, let’s go a step further. 

Let us show you the advantages the approach has over regular co-ed addiction recovery centres. Keep reading to discover the numerous benefits of choosing gender-specific addiction treatment.

Less time is spent to hash out gender issues

Under gender-specific treatment conditions, addiction specialists will not have to spend time on issues that may not apply to the whole group. For instance, if a pregnant woman is in rehab, the facilitator will have to take time to address pregnancy and substance use. But, the men in the group will have no direct need for this information.

Although males can pick up some insight into how substance abuse affects pregnancy, it may not be the best use of their time. Instead, they should spend their time focusing on the issues that they face as men in recovery.

It eliminates some distractions

The human mind can indeed be a fickle thing. Even during addiction treatment, men and women may still find themselves attracted to one another. This may not only serve as a distraction but can also hinder both parties’ progress in recovery. However, gender-specific addiction treatment facilities effectively eliminate such distractions.

By minimizing sexual tension, men and women can focus on their health, growth and self-improvement. So, instead of adding emotional entanglements to your list of distractions, it may be best to opt for gender-specific recovery.

eliminates some distractions

It makes treatment more comfortable

Another benefit of gender-specific addiction treatment is that it improves ease amongst clients. You see, a significant part of addiction recovery is group therapy. However, gender may get in the way of the effectiveness of this process. Female patients may feel uncomfortable sharing some of their life experiences in the presence of men.

The same thing holds for male clients. For instance, a man may feel overwhelming shame that he may have acted aggressively against a woman. Discussing these events may be challenging in the presence of women. Furthermore, female clients may react in fear or anger, which is counterproductive.

It improves peer support

Without a doubt, peer support is crucial in addiction treatment. Clients can discuss their experiences and learn from one another. However, co-ed addiction treatment may get in the way of this. Addiction affects men and women differently, which may cause experiences to differ. On the other hand, in a gender-specific facility, clients may be able to relate better.

Chances are there is one person who has gone through an experience similar to yours. So, you can share, learn, help and bond over these experiences. The environment in a gender-specific addiction treatment centre is generally more understanding as everyone is ‘one.’  Each person can interact with the next on a more personal level.

improves peer support

In Conclusion

Substance abuse affects each person in different ways. However, gender-specific addiction treatment goes a long way in bridging this gap. By tailoring treatment programs to fit the specific needs of both men and women, the results can be significantly improved. 

Hopefully, we have been able to answer your questions about gender-specific treatment and its benefits. Remember, most people that engage fully in their treatment plans achieve their desired results.

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