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What is the Cost of Inhalant Addiction Treatment?

Unfortunately, inhalant addiction seems to go under the radar. People don’t speak about inhalant abuse and the cost of addiction treatment like they do other common forms of drug abuse. Hence, it seems like inhalants don’t pose any dangers. However, this is hardly the case. Many teens and adults in Canada struggle with inhalant addiction and abuse.

Continuously using inhalants leads to many symptoms that will require treatment. Since people hardly mention inhalant abuse, there is not a lot of information about its treatment. That’s why we’re writing this all-in-one price guide for inhalant addiction treatment.

In this article, you will get information about the different types of inhalant addiction treatment. We’ll also explore the cost and the factors that work together to determine this cost.

Are You Struggling With Inhalant Addiction?

When you use inhalants often or abuse them, you put yourself at risk of health problems. These problems include cardiovascular, neurological, and gastrointestinal issues. Death can also result from severe inhalant abuse.

Inhalants are potentially addictive. With continuous use, you may become tolerant of its effects. Hence, you’ll start taking more inhalants to reach the level of intoxication you crave.

If you stop taking inhalants, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are rare and unique for every individual.

Common withdrawal symptoms to expect include:

  • Sweating
  • Jitteriness
  • Mood swing
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Impaired memory
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • Tachycardia

It’s the severity of these withdrawal symptoms that prompt discussions about the cost of inhalant drug addiction treatment. You’ll need top-notch medical care, monitoring and therapy. All of this is only available at a professional rehab centre.

Signs Someone is Struggling With Inhalant Addiction

You should look out for certain signs if you suspect a loved one is struggling with inhalant addiction. If you notice such signs, you may need to find out about the cost of inhalant addiction treatment because such a person needs immediate help. The signs include:

  • They spend much time trying to get or use inhalants and recover from their symptoms
  • They usually crave inhalants
  • They don’t fulfill their obligations at home, work, or school
  • They continue to use inhalants despite the obvious problems they cause
  • They don’t take part in recreation activities or perform their hobbies because they want to use inhalants.
  • They get into trouble or dangerous situations.
  • They continue using inhalants despite psychological and physical side effects
  • They develop a tolerance to the substance

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Cost of Inhalant Addiction Treatment

The average cost of inhalant addiction rehab is $6,000 – $14,000. However, if you want your rehab program to include elements of luxury, you can expect the average to double, or even triple.

The cost of inhalant addiction services depends on these factors :

  • Type of inhalant addiction treatment program
  • Treatment the center offers
  • Amenities the center offers
  • Program duration
  • Treatment center staff
  • Medication
  • Treatment center location

Type of treatment program

If you are struggling with inhalant addiction, you will have to enroll in a rehab center. There are two major rehab center types available for inhalant addiction patients. These are inpatient and outpatient rehabs. These rehabs differ widely in structure.

Inpatient rehabs provide 24-hour care for patients. Throughout your stay in the facility, you will always have medical personnel attending to you and noting your reaction to treatment. There are also multiple activities you can partake in. These activities will help you become independent of inhalants and keep you focused on recovery.

Inpatient rehabs also have many luxuries and amenities within their facilities. They require you to stay in the facility throughout your treatment. Hence, most of these facilities are state-of-the-art, with the best personnel attending to you.

Outpatient rehabs differ from inpatient rehabs in that you don’t have to live in a facility for the duration of your treatment. Instead, you can receive treatment daily until you recover from your addiction to inhalants. With such programs, you’ll visit your doctor or therapist on appointed days. You will also take part in group and individual therapies or other activities geared towards aiding your recovery.

When it comes to pricing for inhalant addiction rehab, inpatient rehabs cost more than outpatient rehabs. The cost of rehab in inpatient centers is often about twice that of outpatient rehabs. People with a severe addiction to inhalants should opt for inpatient rehabs, while outpatient rehabs are suitable for those with mild addiction problems.

Your addiction specialists will recommend an appropriate inhalant program, whether inpatient or outpatient. Typically, the decision is a function of your assessment results, level of addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment offered

The kind of treatment you receive at a rehab center influences the cost of inhalant addiction treatment. For instance, if you need medically-assisted detox during treatment, it will increase the price.

If you have co-occurring disorders with your addiction, it will also increase the cost of treatment. You’ll need certified medical professionals to look after you, thereby increasing the cost. Some rehabs offer certain therapies and professional counselling, which also affect the cost of treatment.

Inhalant addiction treatment programs may involve using counselling and behavioural therapy to achieve successful recovery. A great example is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

It helps addicts recognize how their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours cause them to abuse inhalants. You’ll also learn strategies to identify, avoid, and manage situations that can trigger inhalant use. Motivational incentives or contingency management rewards addicts for achieving targets related to their treatment and recovery.


Some rehabs, particularly inpatient rehabs, offer certain amenities in their facilities. These amenities can include swimming pools, spas, massages, tennis courts and game rooms.

These amenities will add to the cost you’ll incur for treatment. Luxury rehab centers are very expensive because they have many of these amenities within their facilities.

Program duration

The cost of inhalant addiction treatment increases the longer you stay in rehab. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that most individuals need 90 days to significantly stop or decrease their dependence on drugs.

Some people spend less than 90 days in rehab, while others spend more than that in severe cases of addiction. However, the longer you stay in a rehab center, the higher your expenses.



Pricing for inhalant addiction rehab may increase if you need the attention of numerous medical personnel. In contrast with outpatient rehabs, inpatient rehabs usually have more medical personnel (with different specializations) attending to you.

This is one of the reasons recovery programs at an inpatient inhalant rehab will cost more than outpatient rehab. Rehabs treating co-occurring health disorders with addiction may require specialists. If this is the case, they will charge more for their services.


If you need certain medication during your inhalant addiction treatment, your cost of rehab may increase. Mostly, medication is necessary to manage withdrawal symptoms during detox.

They will also help you manage any adverse effects you may experience during treatment. With these medications, your detox stage will be safer and more comfortable.


The cost of inhalant addiction treatment varies based on a rehab center’s location. If the center is in a major city with a high standard of living, it may cost more. If you sign up for outpatient rehab and have to travel a long distance for your appointments, it increases your treatment expenses.

Average Price of Inhalant Addiction Treatment Programs

A typical inhalant addiction treatment program will encompass detox, inpatient or outpatient rehab, medication, therapies, and after-recovery services. Here are the average prices of these treatments.


If you enroll for outpatient detox, your total expenses will range from $1000-$1500. In most inpatient rehabs, the detox cost is a part of the full program expenses. The exact amount you’ll pay for detox depends on how long it takes and the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab can cost up to $6,000 per month for treatment. If the inhalant rehab program includes all-around comprehensive treatment, you may need to pay up to $20,000 per month. If you require 60-90 days for treatment, you may need to spend $12,000-$60,000. Luxury inpatient rehabs can cost up to $30,000 to $100,000 per month.

Outpatient rehab

Some outpatient rehabs can cost about $5,000 per 90 days. Renowned outdoor rehabs can cost as high as $10,000 per 90 days. The cost depends on the frequency and duration of your sessions with a specialist. It’ll also cover the cost of medication.


When calculating the cost of inhalant addiction treatment, you need to factor in medication.

Some people may not need drugs for inhalant addiction treatment.

However, others may require a prescription during the detox stage of addiction treatment. Mostly,  treatment courses include sedatives for sleep and anxiety. You may also need mood stabilizers to help with impulsivity, emotional distress, mood swings, and impulsivity.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to take antipsychotics to alleviate hallucinations, agitation, and delusions. Baclofen, a muscle relaxer, proves to be a successful medication in decreasing withdrawal symptoms of inhalant addiction.


How to Afford the Cost of Inhalant Addiction Treatment

Not everyone can pay for rehab. Hence, you need to ask about the cost of inhalant detox and rehab services beforehand. This way, you can start to plan financially. Therefore, you have to ask the particular rehab center about the cost of their addiction treatment. You also need to know what their payment arrangements are.

If the cost of addiction treatment is high, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are many ways you can offset the cost of inhalant addiction treatment. These include:

Public Insurance

Government can partially or fully subsidize public insurance. Common types of public insurance include Medicare and Medicaid. With this coverage, you may be able to pay for your inhalant addiction treatment.

However, you must meet certain conditions. Furthermore, you need to ask your insurance provider if they cover inhalant addiction treatment.

Private Insurance

The government does not subsidize this kind of insurance policy. Instead, you can purchase it through your employer.

With this policy, you may pay higher for insurance expenses than what holds in public insurance. The good thing about private insurance is that it covers more treatment options compared to public insurance.

Low-cost/Income-based rehabs

Besides insurance policies, you can afford addiction treatment by visiting rehab centers for low-income earners. The government sets up this scheme for low-income earners who can’t easily afford standard rehab. In these low-income rehabs, these payment assistance plans exist:

  • Scholarships
  • Income-based fees
  • Sliding-scale fees
  • No-interest payment plans

Flexible payment plans

Another way of affording the cost of inhalant rehab programs in Toronto is via flexible payment plans. With such plans, you can arrange with your rehab center to split your payments in instalments. However, this may depend on the duration of your treatment and other conditions.

How to Choose a Good Inhalant Rehab

The cost of inhalant addiction treatment can be expensive. Hence, you should choose the right one to ensure you get the value of your money. When choosing an inhalant rehab center, there are certain factors you should consider. If the rehab center you have in mind meets these considerations, you know it’s right for you.

The rehab center’s location

When choosing a rehab center, you must choose one close to you. This is especially important if you are choosing an outpatient rehab.

You don’t want to spend too much money travelling long distances to get to your rehab center when you can save costs by enrolling for one close by. The inpatient rehab you choose should also be close to your family so they can visit you at intervals.


A good rehab center must have accredited and licensed medical staff. The medical team at rehab centers should be friendly and able to cater to patient needs by offering the appropriate treatments necessary for complete recovery. Besides these, the medical staff should have experience dealing with cases of inhalant addiction.

Effective treatments

A good addiction center must have effective treatment programs available for inhalant addiction. The treatments available in the best inhalant rehab centers should cater to all your needs and lead to recovery.

Treatment methods

A good rehab center should employ standard treatment methods suitable for every individual. To achieve this, the rehab center should be able to adopt multiple addiction treatment models. With this, it is easier to attend to every patient despite their varied needs.


A good inhalant addiction rehab center should have excellent reviews from former patients. It should also have a good reputation and be known for successfully treating people of their addiction.

If a rehab center is good, it will show in its ratings. Hence, always check for reviews before deciding on a particular rehab centre.


Before choosing a particular rehab, you should ask, “how much do inhalant rehab programs cost?”

You need to research the cost of various inhalant addiction programs available in the rehab and know if you can afford it. Also, compare this cost with others and note if the rehab is standard or not.

What Happens After Rehab?

During rehab, you learn how to avoid circumstances that may trigger inhalant use and abuse. You also learn to deal with life’s problems without turning to inhalants. A good rehab center will recommend its patients join support groups or meetings.

These support groups will help you continue on your recovery path and maintain your commitment to living a life without inhalant abuse. You should also sign up for individual therapy after your rehab.

Besides these therapies and support groups, you should imbibe new hobbies and healthy habits. A key step is to become friends with people who will not lead you back into inhalant abuse and addiction.

You should also live a healthier life and engage in positive activities or worthwhile causes. Doing these will create a new lifestyle that prevents idleness and negative thoughts.

Is The Cost of Inhalant Rehab Worth It?

Due to the high cost of inhalant addiction treatment, some people wonder if it is a worthy investment. The answer is yes, it is. Rehab is beneficial in more ways than one. In a rehab center, you will get treatment in a structured environment specially designed for sobriety.

In rehab, you will take part in various activities and therapies. These activities and therapies will teach you how to deal with life’s challenges and remain sober. You will also learn how to do away with elements that can trigger a relapse and cope with stress.

Other advantages of rehab include:

  • In rehab, you are not alone. You will meet people with similar issues and share stories and experiences with them. This can be comforting and a source of support.
  • You are cut off from inhalants or situations that lead you to use them.
  • You have well-trained and qualified staff attending to you.
  • In rehab, no one judges you. Everyone wants to help you.
  • Rehab helps you rebuild your relationship with friends and family.
  • Post-recovery therapies and group supports are beneficial and help you stay sober.
  • Rehab helps you discover more about yourself and your passion.

Is Inhalant Rehab a Good Idea: The Cost of Addiction

No matter the cost of inhalant addiction treatment, the cost of addiction is higher in more ways than one. Due to your addiction to inhalants, you’ll suffer losses in other aspects of your life. Here’s what we mean.

Financial cost

You spend money buying these inhalants. In time, you can get so dependent that you don’t mind how much you pay to get it. If you add up the amount of money you spend on inhalants, you will see you are losing a lot.

Besides the cost of buying inhalants, you will also spend money on legal-related issues. When you abuse inhalants, you may break laws and get into legal trouble. If this happens, you will spend money on legal matters like:

  • Fines for illicit drug use.
  • Lawyer and court fees for inhalant abuse-related cases.
  • Driving under the influence cases.
  • Divorce-related cases.

Health cost

If you continue to abuse inhalants, you will end up damaging your lungs or other organs in your body. This leads to hospital expenses and additional health costs.

Opportunity cost

The amount of money you spend buying inhalants is way higher than the cost of rehab. Consider how much money you will save if you quit inhalant addiction.

Addiction can cause you to miss work and become less productive, leading to the loss of your income. You may also lose your job.

Relationship cost

Inhalant abuse and addiction lead to strained relationships between you and your family, loved ones, and even your spouse. Your spouse may get tired of your constant inhalant abuse and file for divorce. Your friends may also stay away from you because of your addiction.

You must take steps to redeem yourself and start your journey to recovery from addiction. Find out how much to treat inhalant abuse in Toronto. Be determined to quit your addiction and enroll in an addiction treatment rehab that suits you. With dedication and commitment, you will be on your way to sobriety quickly.

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The Cost of Inhalant Rehab is an Investment into Your Future

Continuously using inhalants leads to many adverse symptoms. To curtail these negative effects, you should enroll for treatment at a rehab centre. However, treatment at inhalant addiction rehabs comes at a cost. Mostly, that’s between $6,000-$4000.

The cost of inhalant addiction treatment is dependent on several factors. All these factors combine to determine how much you will pay for a particular addiction treatment program. After rehab, you must continue with the things you learned during treatment. You should also stay on the recovery path.

You should choose a rehab center to ensure it meets the criteria standard rehabs should have. Choosing the right rehab is key to a successful rehab.

If you want an inhalant rehab center that goes above and beyond for its patients, speak with us at 1000 Islands Rehab Centre. Here, we have many years of experience dealing with inhalant abuse patients.

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