Nicole Chisamore

Nicole’ goals and aspirations are to continue her education within mental health and addictions, as well obtain her Masters  in Hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, PTSD, addictions and pain management within oncology.
She believes you are never to old to learn and grow forward.

Outside of work she loves spending time with her three children and six grandchildren, they are her joy and her smile.
Nicole paints like many people would diary or Journal their words by putting her thoughts on canvas.
She loves gardening ,hiking, fishing with her boyfriend, as well as spending time with family and close friends.
Nicole’s favourite quote is:
“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there’s a field. I’ll meet you there.   ~Rumi~”
Her favourite book is: “The Shack”

Nicole takes pride in her 18 year career as a PSW but would say that the field has taught her more about compassion, the need to be heard humanity and herself by the many diverse people she has had the honour to care for.
Nicole also helped redevelop and reorganized the carbolizing program for a 104 bed facility for her previous employers and has brought that experience to Medical Detox
to assists with the development of a carbolizing program (which is the organization of disinfecting and deep cleaning of the centre as well as ordering and stalking products to assist with the clients needs).

Nicole believes it’s the simple things that makes life worth living, not expectation and that there is success on the opposite side of struggle; which is worth fighting for!
(The inspiration for her belief comes from experiencing it within her own life and seeing and learning from it in the journey of her Daughter and two Sons)