Sharon Maloney

Sharon’s goal is to ensure the clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable while she is in their presence, and to go home at the end of her days feeling that she has made a positive impression in someone’s life also to treat them with respect and dignity and patience.

A few personal details about Sharon, she loves spending time with her Grandbabies, riding horses, be on the water, loves to listen to music and play/sing with a guitar, anything that has to do with nature and being outdoors most exercise and eating healthy, taking care of her mind body and soul. loves to draw, paint, and do crafts. She loves to laugh, and make others laugh..

Sharon’s top three accomplishments are Raising her three children as a single parent while going to school and becoming first a Hairstylist in 1986 to continuing on in education to becoming a PSW 2001 to continuing ongoing schooling in Palliative care programs GPA, Alzheimer’s, Heart and stroke, Dementia, diabetes, Acquired Brain Injury certificate and several other certificates. loves to learn. she also worked in the community with the elderly and in Long-term Care homes. Sharon works between five group homes with developmental clients. Has her Introductory to pharmacology certificate which abled her to disburse meds at her job in group homes. Sharon is a very empathetic caring and loving person. She provides exceptional care and compassion for others and helps with any necessary ADLs needed. She is professional at her job and tries to ensure that all individuals are treated to their needs. Sharon likes to take part in creating new ideas and is very good at multitasking, and challenging new tasks. Sharon’s values are being compassionate, understanding, trustworthy, comforting, a good listener and being able to always find new ways to better her job in helping and caring for people.

Sharon loves her job it inspires her to make everyday count. She loves to go home knowing that she has made a difference in life of someone even if it was just a smile. Sharon feels that everyone in life needs to feel important, cared for and not alone. And does her best to give off friendly trusting vibes. She loves knowing that she has helped someone feel that they matter.

She takes great pride in saying that she is a team member of the Medical Detox Ontario and 1000 Island Drug and Treatment Center.